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Franchise consulting

I am an independent Franchise Advisor, Franchise Consultant working, by invitation, with the worldwide MatchPoint network
of Franchise Advisors, Franchise Consultants and Franchise Brokers, helping individuals to understand if they are suited to
owning a business and then helping to find the right one for them.

The services of a Franchise Consultant is an essential part of the due diligence that any individual contemplating investing in a
franchise should use. There is no charge for using those services as Franchise Consultants are typically paid by the franchisors
that they find suitable applicants for. A Franchisor will not continue to pay a Franchise Advisor if that Advisor keeps introducing
inappropriate applicants - Therefore the ability of a Franchise Advisor to generate fees is entirely down to their reputation with
the Franchisor for only introducing great applicants to them. If you aren't a great applicant, a good Franchise Advisor will have
no hesitation in telling you that, potentially saving you from making one of the worst investment decisions in your life.

Take the advice of an expert - Do not consider investing in a Franchise without using the services of a seasoned Franchise Advisor,
Franchise Consultant or Franchise Broker. Not only do they understand the franchising industry but they are experts in providing
Career Transitioning Services to those considering Business Ownership; Interim Management; Career Transition and other options
that allow their clients to move away from their corporate careers.

Franchising is a great alternative for those looking for a Career Transition; those considering Interim Management as an
alternative to corporate life, and also those that have already made the move to Interim Management but are finding that only
having one client at a time is restrictive.

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